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What is Beneath the Façade, anyways?

One of the most compelling reasons for me to continue taking photographs is the experiences it affords me. Had I not taken photos of Echo in July of 2011, I would not have gone on a two–month long road trip wherein I had very little planned and mostly flew by the seat of my pants — it was a fantastic experience. And when I pointed my camera at Echo in a hotel room in Boston as she expunged an entire meal, and we shared the resulting photographs, we were both shown how accepting people can be if you prompt them to be just right. In some way or another, each of the photographs that followed this inaugural and impactful photo represent a curiosity explored, and each reveals a fragment of the person below the surface.

It’s that, I think, that has become my goal for every photo I take for the series I call Beneath the Façade.

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